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Improve your concentration

Improve your concentration 1. Meditate every day It may seem a bit old-fashioned or boring, but meditating helps you relax both physically and mentally and if you want to concentrate, the least you need is to be thinking about thousands of things at once. Even less feel uneasy. When you begin to meditate you …

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20 Profitable Businesses Explained

20 Profitable Businesses Explained # 1 PROFITABLE BUSINESS: ACCOUNTING SERVICES The pre-tax profit margin of accounting services is 25%. This industry includes services such as accounting management of companies, electronic accounting systems, account management, tax preparation. Why is it a profitable business? 1. All those who open or have a business …

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How to Achieve your Business Goals

How to  Achieve your Business Goals 1. Establish a goal Take a sheet of paper and make a list of the goals you have for your business. Enumerate them from greater to lesser importance. Apart from Estilo Pura Vida, I have a small hotel. I made a combined list for both projects …

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