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Improve your concentration

Improve your concentration

1. Meditate every day

It may seem a bit old-fashioned or boring, but meditating helps you relax both physically and mentally and if you want to concentrate, the least you need is to be thinking about thousands of things at once. Even less feel uneasy.
When you begin to meditate you are also regulating your breathing and when giving way to calmness and tranquility, in turn you give your mind the opportunity to review information one at a time.
I meditate since I was 12 thanks to the influence of my dad to find a moment of peace in the day when I was barely home.
At the beginning I did not find much sense and that is why! At that age I did not pay much attention to the fact that after spending a few minutes doing it, I was actually more focused on what I would do when I finished.
But when I turned 15, I noticed that every time I went to study after meditating there was a big difference when I did not have my meditation session before I started reading books and solving formulas.
Studying became much easier when I was calm and with an “empty” mind, only concentrated to do the next activity and although I noticed it thanks to the times I started studying after doing it, I also checked that it worked in general .
In fact, when I started working, but also continued with my studies, it was totally impossible to concentrate on serving tables or writing articles (whatever work I had at the time) after spending more than noon fusing my brain with information at the university .
As I did not have time to go home to meditate, I began to take the habit of doing it on the bus on my way to work.
I did it for at least 10 or 15 minutes and after taking a deep breath when I finished, I managed to focus on my work without problems.
If you calm your mind with meditation, you can help it collect all the information it has and in addition to storing it, it will help you to move it momentarily so that you can concentrate on the activity of the moment.

2. Listen to music to concentrate!

When you think about wanting to concentrate, you want to imagine everything in silence and that there are only you and whatever you have to do without any interruption.
Most people think that this is the “right” environment to have your concentration to the fullest, one where there is no music or anything that can disturb you.
But the truth is that many times the silence or absolute calm can be more disturbing when doing an activity that needs concentration.
For example, sleep does not require you to “concentrate” as such, you just have to close your eyes and immerse yourself in the world of dreams, but has it never happened to you that the absolute silenceyou seek at the time of sleep causes you rather difficulties? instead of facilitating the process?
That is why so many people fall asleep listening to music and although you may not believe it, there are also a large number of people who, to concentrate, decide to put on the best playlist they have.
Now, the big question is: should I listen to music before and while I’m doing my activity?
The answer to that depends on many factors:
  • The kind of music you listen to
  • The difficulty of the task you will perform.
  • Whether or not you feel that you focus more on music than on what you do.
Scientists believe that it is better to listen to music only before carrying out an activity and thus stimulate your mind a little, but they assure that it is bad to listen to it during the execution of this one.
Honestly, I think it depends a lot on the person and how comfortable you feel when you listen to them.
I am a person who while working, studying, cleaning, running or doing anything, I need to have a song playing and that besides entertaining me, it helps me to focus on what I am doing at the moment.
Not everyone is like me and that’s why I recommend you try listening to music only before doing your activity that I’m sure will help you improve your concentration, but give it a try to listen to it during it.
This way you can evaluate if it collaborates to be able to concentrate or if it is just another distraction. But if you manage to be a good stimulant for your brain, you will have discovered that you can take advantage of this trick to the maximum for your concentration.

3. Plan your day

More than the simple fact of being organized, it is amazing what a small daily planning can do with your concentration, especially if you have many things to do during the day.
Each activity needs a certain amount of time and sometimes, there are some that take us more than we would like, which creates chaos in the “to do” that we have left for the remaining hours.
When you do not have well measured time or determined what your priorities are, it is normal to have a slight mismatch start to think “what do I do now?” And enter the hurry to comply with the other activities and begins to appear the stress that It only causes more inconveniences.
For example, imagine that you have to go to a friend’s house to celebrate his birthday at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, but you have completely forgotten and the activity you are doing at the time will take longer than you thought and that means, get there Pretty late to the celebration.
That situation could have been avoided if you had planned your day in advance and specified a time for each activity.
As now you have to hurry because otherwise you will not fulfill your other commitment, your concentration is diverted to the clock and the desperation of arriving on time, so the activity you do at the moment does not have all your attention and dedication.
If you plan your day you could take a better coordination of the activities you should do, the time it will take you to do them and even give you a margin of it in case some afternoon more than what you expected.
When you do that, you stop worrying about the hours and you avoid the stress that is created when entering a “I must hurry” mode, and you can concentrate and put your effort into the task you are doing at the specific time and time that it’s your turn
I always take at least 30 minutes every night or during my breakfast to take a paper and pen to organize everything I will do during the day.
When my planning is ready, I can relax because I know that I will have time to devote all my concentration to each task or activity of the day.

4. Stop using your computer!

While you were studying, you probably heard more than once saying that taking notes and writing the content in your notebook helped you to better retentive. Which is totally true.
But with the evolution that has been in computers, tablets and cell phones, very few are left wanting to “wear out” handwriting.
Yes, typing with a keyboard is much faster and more comfortable, but it is not the best for our concentration
In addition to studies and work, you can concentrate on your tasks and activities if you write your ideas by hand and what you should do in each situation.
No, it is not about planning your day as in the previous point, but helping your mind to make a greater effort to concentrate on the given activity and the information you need to remember.
When you write on a computer or your cell phone, surely many times you do it without even seeing the keyboard or even the screen.
After many years of writing articles and books, I have the ability to do that, which means that I am partly not paying as much attention as I could to what I write.
This can be with anything, an essay that I need to memorize, a work document, the grocery shopping list, no matter what it is.
But if I take the time to write it by hand, my mind is taking the time to process what I write, which means that I am more focused on the activity of the moment that is writing.
Since I am focused, I am also more easily processing the ideas or information I write on paper as it is part of the task at hand.
In addition to helping with your concentration, your retention and long-term memory will also improve.

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