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how to start business from scratch

 how to start business from scratch Many people are interested in starting their business , but many factors stop them, such as lack of knowledge in business and administration, lack of financial resources, or psychological factors such as fear of failure. In this article we will give you practical tips on how to start business from scratch . 1. …

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9 Business ideas for young entrepreneurs

9 Business ideas for young entrepreneurs Entrepreneur, if you are young, you are just entering the labor market and you realize that it is not what you expected, you are probably thinking of generating income in another way. We know that starting a business from scratch is difficult, especially if you …

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How to Achieve your Business Goals

How to  Achieve your Business Goals 1. Establish a goal Take a sheet of paper and make a list of the goals you have for your business. Enumerate them from greater to lesser importance. Apart from Estilo Pura Vida, I have a small hotel. I made a combined list for both projects …

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How To make a marketing Plan

How To make a marketing Plan 1. Conduct a market study The key to success lies in getting to know your client “like the back of your hand”, without missing a detail of their needs, preferences, shopping patterns, the places they frequent, etc. Likewise, market research allows you to know what your …

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