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Tips for small businesses: 20 tips to improve your business

Tips for small businesses: 20 tips to improve your business

Now that you have realized how expendable is your constant evolution for your company; It’s time to put on the table the  20 tips to improve your business ; and in this way you can guide yourself in the process of how to improve the processes in your company?
Especially when it comes to a small or family business you have the idea that you will become; In a huge company it is almost impossible; however applying some of these tips you can reach levels where you had never imagined arriving; regardless of the size of your company.

1. If you can sell it, nothing else matters

Mike Kappel in a Forbes article , mentions that one of the most important advice his father could give him; On the subject of business was the following: “Everyone is able to build anything, but if you are not able to sell it, nothing else matters.”
That is, launch a new product and even innovate a company; It will not help, if this does not produce profits; Take into account that sales for any business are fundamental and without them, you could not exist.

2. There are strategies to grow your business

This advice goes hand in hand with the previous one, because although it generates real and good sales in a business; is one of the biggest challenges of the companies, there is no such as a plan or a strategy that allows you to sell a product.
Therefore, it is necessary to understand that sales strategies are applied to increase sales, not to generate them from scratch; for that reason, within the  20 tips to improve your business , I tell you, that you elaborate strategies to have a progress in the sales that you already have nowadays.

3. Retro also applies to business

An important part of improving a business is to give better results; especially in the issue of sales, which as we saw it is about applying strategies to increase them, not to improve them; for this reason, an important piece of advice is this technique that was considered something of the past.
Although, we have said that globalization is one of the reasons why you should look for the improvement of your company; This does not mean that you should look for a large number of clients. Remember that quality is always more important than quantity; and based on this precept is that you should focus on improving relationships with your consumers.
Generating a stronger bond with them will help you generate not just a list of clients; but a list of loyal consumers, who will be eager for any new product or process you develop.

4. The web is one of the strongest tools

Although generating sales in a traditional way is a good strategy to increase your results; take advantage of the resources of technological advances is not over; because the internet allows you to reach more prospects than you would reach only with your business locally.
Implement online sales of your products, is an excellent way in which you can make your business evolve; consider this goal and make the necessary changes to achieve better results through technology.

5. The funnel (funnel) of sales

In advance you know that having a greater number of prospects is important to have a greater number of sales; Therefore, using different tools as a sales funnel is an ideal strategy to increase sales of your business.
For example, you can take advantage of your website to offer exclusive promotions for people who visit your site; Through a banner you can request their information, to get in touch with them and offer them exclusive promotions; This is an effective way to generate a list of useful prospects.

6. You can not improve what you can not measure

It is essential that when you want to implement any type of improvement in your business; first you have a record of the current situation of your company; that is, you can not know if the improvements you have implemented in your company have given you good results; if you only limit yourself to an approximate calculation. To measure the true performance of your company, there must be a record of the evolution and results of this improvement.

7. Stay on the sidelines with finances

The point of planning for the improvement of your company is that you adapt the needs and goals; to the possibilities and resources of your company. That is, it will not do you any good to have a great growth plan, but you have the resources to achieve it; Therefore, if you consider it necessary, it is better that you opt for a  SME loan  to fulfill all those projects that you have set.

8. The objectives must be clear and real

In the same way in which you must set your objectives according to the resources with which your company counts; It is necessary that you set real goals that your company can reach with the current resources and capabilities. Do not put yourself tasks that your company can not fulfill.

9. High impact marketing

It’s about optimizing resources (that’s also a way to improve your business), which is why it’s important; Use low budget marketing strategies that can give you good results. This is one of the best tips on our list of  20 tips to improve your business .
For example, nowadays, social networks have become a useful tool for many businesses; however, it is not necessary to invest in advertising for each of these platforms; what you need is to establish on which platform your potential customers are; and establish effective communication strategies with them.

10. Perform a SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis  allows companies to know their weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities; that’s why making one to your company is one of our  20 tips to improve your business . Knowing the situation of your SME can find the precise strategies to promote the development of it.

11. Keep your eyes always open

A businessman is always aware of what happens not only in the environment that surrounds his company; but also in what happens around the world and that can affect or boost your business. Therefore it is always advisable to be aware of the trends in the world panorama; to analyze what can work in the company to make an improvement.
 12. Improve the skills of your sales area
A fundamental part to achieve the growth and evolution of your business is the training of your employees; especially in regards to your sales area, as they are the ones that maintain direct contact with consumers and can increase your sales results. Therefore, it is important that sales skills are always improved.

13. Motivation is more than important

Having a motivated work team is transcendental to have your support at the moment; where you want to implement improvements in your company. If you do not have employees who are committed to the company; It is more than likely that they do not give their maximum effort when it comes to changing the company’s processes.

14. Work on your best practices

There are some processes within your company that have always given you good results; so one way to improve your business is to implement these practices in other areas of your company where you can improve the results; always keep in mind that improving your business is not about revolutionizing all processes; but to modify those that have not given you the results you expected.

15. Do not ignore your limits

We have already mentioned that you know the status of your business, its capabilities and its resources; it will allow you to develop strategies based on realistic goals; for that reason it is important that you do not ignore your limits, because knowing how far you can go, will lead you to success according to your possibilities, without fear of failing.

16. Always stay tuned for your brand

Remember that to attract new consumers and keep current ones; Your brand should not only offer the best, but inspire the confidence to believe in your brand. Therefore it is important that you are always aware of what they say about you in social networks and in the opinions of Google; this in addition to serving as feedback will help you generate new ideas of what your customers want.

17. Success can destroy you

When you achieve the goals you have set, you are likely to start to relax; And this is not really bad, just make sure it does not generate any kind of conformity in you; because the constant evolution is an obligation in your business.

18. Always comply with what you promise

An important part to generate confidence in the consumers and partners of your company, is to fulfill your promises; and we do not talk about complicated things, just to respect basic things in your business such as business hours, exclusive promotions or the use of coupons; comply with this, will generate a real bond of trust with your consumers.

19. Customer service is what allows you to generate a footprint

Your customers do not care if your office is the most beautiful or if your workers are the most happy; what generates a true footprint in your consumers is the treatment you give them; We already said that creating a bond of trust with your consumers is fundamental; so focus on giving them the best care they can receive.

20. It also takes a breath

Working on the growth of your company does not imply that you need to work without stopping; While it requires much of your effort, it is important to relax when necessary. Remember that the best ideas arise when you are most relaxed.


The purpose of this list with  20 tips to improve your business  is not to motivate you to apply them all in a literal way; but you analyze what options you have to promote the evolution of your company; and in what aspects you can improve to meet the goals you set.
This is how we invite you to carry out an analysis of the situation in which your company is located; to consider real objectives that adapt to the capabilities of your business; to get the results you’ve always imagined.

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