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Reasons why you should be grateful every day

Reasons why you should be grateful every day


1. You can breathe yet

Something so basic, but at the same time so essential. If you do not breathe, it’s because you’re not alive,  or am I wrong?
Sometimes we think that the reasons why we should be grateful are complicated, complicated and that we do not see at first sight, but it is not like that.
If you opened your eyes, if you can still breathe, that is reason enough to be grateful for life, because you have the opportunity to enjoy another day and take advantage of it.
It does not matter if you need a device to do it or not, in both cases you should feel happy since you have not been denied that basic function.
Do you need support to do it? Be grateful because despite needing help, you can still do it and you just have to work a little harder.
Do not you need support? Then celebrate and feel good for being able to enjoy 100% air and carry out an action so necessary for every human being.
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2. You can smile

We do not always have a reason to smile, but that does not mean we can not do it all the time.
The only thing that prevents you from laughing is yourself, but if we go to the power part as such, you are perfectly capable of doing it, just raise the corners of your lips a little .
Laughter is a sign of happiness and although sometimes we run into those obstacles that totally frighten us and make us feel just the opposite, you have to thank for the fact that no matter what situation or moment you find yourself, you can smile when you you want it if you want it
Every day I like to wake up with a smile on my face to feel that I start with my right foot and that from the first second the feeling of happiness appears.
In addition, your smile can bring happiness to other people such as your family, friends or the person you love and are sharing your life.
If you smile, it means that you can see the positive side  of life and therefore it means that, regardless of the ups and downs, it is a good life.

3. And you are also capable of crying

People escape much to the feeling of sadness and the action of crying and all that implies.
But whether happiness or sadness, being able to carry out actions like these is what assures you that you are a person with feelings and not at all cold.
The tears you shed allow you to vent and also express how you feel. Do not see them as something bad.
You are also giving other people the opportunity to come to you, to serve as consolation and even if you do not believe it, in those moments it is when you get to join them even more.
Looking at it from another point of view, tears do not have to mean all the time you’re sad. In fact, I usually cry a lot when I’m happy.
Happy to have reached my goal, to see my brother reach his and for many other reasons that it would take me an eternity to tell you.

4. Your family is a reason to say thank you

In the world there are different types of love. Your best friend does not love you like your mom, and your boyfriend does not love you in the same way as your dad.
But if I had to say what is the most sincere love of all, it is what our family can provide us with. Therefore, take advantage of them.
Give thanks because when they wake up they are there for you, either a few meters or thousands of kilometers away, but if you call them, they will not think twice to go if you need it.
If I had to choose the main reason why I am most grateful every day, it would undoubtedly be because I could see or talk with my mother every day.
Help my dad with car failures and share watching our favorite movies.
Or go out to eat and drink a few drinks with my brother every Friday night and go on Saturdays for a walk in the park.
I’m sure you love all your family, maybe some more than others, but at the end of the day you’re happy because they are still in your life in one way or another.
Therefore, be grateful and think that you have them there for you, that you can share with them and enjoy them another day.

5. You have food on your table

It does not matter if it’s caviar or a simple sandwich with cheese, what matters is that you have a mouthful of food at your disposal.
Personally, I’ve never been someone very exquisite with what I eat and my family when I was little, we had the possibilities to give us our tastes and delicacies.
The reason why I have never been very selective with food is because I am happy to have something to eat at my table and also to be able to share the moment with my loved ones.
There are millions of people who go to bed without sleep and who even die of hunger or thirst because they can not drink even a glass of water.
Why would not I feel grateful to take even a piece of bread to my mouth? Well, there is no reason not to be and your case is the same.
Maybe you do not have abundant food and every day you have to make a great effort to have that plate on your table, you can not be full until you burst, but you could eat and satisfy a little or in total, your hunger.
If it’s the opposite and you have a lot of food at your disposal, then give thanks because it’s like that and you never miss it.
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6. You can start over

Failures we almost completely apart and make us believe that it is time to give up and stop trying.
But what I see after each failure is a new opportunity to start from scratch.
If you have failed in something you wanted to achieve or do, then appreciate that you have the opportunity to start over and do everything once again.
Back to start is not as bad as we think because this way we also have the possibility to avoid the same mistakes and learn from both the previous ones and the new ones.
And if you can start over, that means that not everything is finished and that you can still achieve the dream you so long for.
There are people who for some reason, can not try again and start again because it really is impossible due to their circumstances.
If you did not touch that bottom, then you should not be discouraged and before lowering your arms, give thanks and start again.

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