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Profitable businesses to earn money online

Profitable businesses to earn money online

This profitable business guide starts with those ideas that require a computer with an Internet connection.
That is, we will talk about the profitable business alternatives that you have on the Internet, a tool full of business opportunities, where low investments are required and you can access clients around the world from the comfort of your home.
Although the investment can be little to start, you should keep in mind that these profitable businesses take time to generate interesting income, you must have a lot of dedication, flexibility to adapt your business to market conditions and have a long-term vision.

1. Develop and sell online courses:

The most interesting thing about this type of profitable business that needs little capital to start with is that you only have to work once.
While it can take time, resources and a lot of dedication to develop an online course, once you create it and you have everything ready, it is a matter of dedicating yourself to promoting it in social networks, blogs and media.
Hard work is done once, regardless if you sell 1 or 500 online courses. The key to this profitable business lies in your ability to create an online community that is willing to pay for your courses.

If you’re looking to offer your courses, you can sign up as a tutor on platforms like Udemy , which has more than 17 million students around the world.
Additionally, platforms such as Skype and multiple web portals dedicated to making education more accessible; Whether it’s languages, music, art or even science, they have made teaching and teaching online a highly profitable business.

2. Recommendation of online products (affiliate marketing):

Affiliate marketing profitable businesses
Today, affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding options for those with experience in the digital world and who know how to make money online .
This consists of taking traffic from blogs and web pages to products and services, in order to generate advertising revenue. There are people who make tens of thousands of dollars a month just by dedicating themselves to this and charging for advertising.
This means that for each sale of product or service that you generate, you receive a commission for it. However, make sure that they are products that you have used and that you really know, since it is your reputation that is at stake.
The attractiveness of this business lies in having a significant fan base, which allows you to talk and recommend products or services, and the commissions that are generated are considerable due to the traffic you bring to these websites.
To begin visit affiliate portals such as:
Additionally, we leave you an online Affiliate Marketing course to learn how to create an online business with different web traffic techniques and social networks.

3. Sell products in buying and selling groups on social networks:

facebook pages how to start a business

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This business consists in buying merchandise from the major in a fair or factory and then selling it by units in a group buying and selling on social networks.
If you do a quick search you will find that there are different groups focused on different topics where you can promote your products.
There are groups around hobbies such as cycling, art, television programs, lifestyle, nutrition, among many others where you can offer your merchandise.
You can even create a group, focus on the growth of the community and then offer the services.
Additionally you can charge a commission for each sale that is within the group, or offer guidelines for people to promote their services in this community. Another alternative you have is to offer your merchandise in OLX , Mercado Libre , or on Ebay .

4. Sell digital products online:

works from the house seller ebay

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As we mentioned with online courses, digital products such as books, seminars, workshops, or training programs have the advantage that you should only make the effort and work hard once.
The success of this type of profitable business lies in the effectiveness of the publicity that you do so that the interested people know about it. That is why, you need to create communities of specific niches; For example, create a personal finance blog and offer an ebook to build your wealth .

It is important that the content you are selling be of quality, because although you can sell bad content once, you will hardly build a profitable business in the long term.
What is this about? Nobody will recommend something bad and not add value, however, when you exceed the expectations of your customers, they will reward you by sharing, recommending your products, and even leaving you positive reviews that will attract new customers.
If it’s your first time selling, we have created a guide where we explain  how to sell online in 5 steps, with little money and no experience .

5. Personalization of products on the Internet:

You can sell shirts, mugs, notebooks and even pens with company logos, personalized messages, with motivational  or thematic phrases for parties or events.
To start you should look for a local supplier that can supply and deliver your orders on time, and you simply operate as an intermediary; in this way you will avoid having inventories of products waiting for them to be sold.
Intermediation in this type of profitable business allows you to start without a lot of working capital, since you will not have to invest in inventory, machines or hire personnel for the production process.

6. Sell local artisan products in your web store:

online customers web store
You can sell native products of your city or region, or handmade products that are made in your country, through a web store.
Are you thinking that creating a web store is complex? The reality is that it is quite simple with programs like Shopify .
Now, you do not need to be an artisan to sell them, you can simply work as an intermediary between the producers and the clients; you work under a margin of profitability and do not need to store inventory.
If you are looking for clients abroad, you can sell at a better price, which makes this business idea a very profitable business.

7. Digital content creation service:

How to write a post for your blog

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With content marketing being one of the most popular advertising strategies nowadays, having the ability to generate attractive and informative content, for different digital communities, is a very demanded skill at the moment.

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