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How to improve photos on Instagram?

How to improve photos on Instagram?

  • Choose a visual style
As a starting point to have good photographs on Instagram, you should know that it is necessary to create a series of attractive product images that adhere to the identity of the brand, but in addition, the photos should fit aesthetically to the signature. While product photography focuses on highlighting these merchandise, it is important that the brand’s personality shine through each image you upload to Instagram or any other social network.
With the above in mind, brands should give themselves time to think about the topic they will bring with their Instagram images. To manage this task easier, it is ideal to consult the guidelines of the brand, contemplating aspects such as the color palette, typography, logo, patterns, icons, among other things. This information will help to better guide the images that will begin to work to establish better the “look” of the contents in the social network.
You can choose different ways to manage the style, for example, you can work with bright colors or with muted colors, with vintage or modern elements. Once you identify the aesthetic you want to achieve, you should take photos of your products and experiment with various elements. If you are trying to establish a style for a brand that sells products, do not forget to take pictures from different angles, that way people will have more details when they see your photos on Instagram.
  • Apply composition techniques
For Instagram photography to be a success, it is important to consider the composition. This concept refers to the way in which the visual elements are placed in a photograph. A good composition, in the case of product photos, should direct the people’s view towards the article.
There are at least 4 composition techniques that work particularly well when it comes to product photos, these are:
The rule of thirds: Perhaps you have already heard about this rule if you are familiar with the world of photography. This is the basis of the composition of photography and consists of dividing an image in thirds, both horizontally and vertically, and placing, in this case, the product in the intersection lines of each third. Many cameras have the function to divide the screen in thirds, and even the instagram itself marks these lines when you press the screen when choosing a photo to publish.
Rule of the odd: Also referred to in English as Rule of Odds, it is a technique that states that images tend to be more attractive when they include an odd number of objects.
Negative space: Negative space is the area that surrounds objects in a photograph. This composition technique can help eliminate distractions and emphasize the products in a photo on Instagram or anywhere else you place it. The technique helps direct the view of the audience towards the product.
Centered composition: This is a rule that goes against the rule or law of thirds, but can also be effective to highlight the products. With this composition, as the name implies, the idea is to place the product at the center of what photography will be. With this technique it is important to remember that less is more, so avoid very noisy funds.
  • Adjust the white balance
The third step to having good photos on Instagram is to avoid a common mistake that many novice photographers have, this is the no white balance adjustment. Very cogently, images that might otherwise be considered excellent are rendered unpleasant by unwanted tones emitted by light sources. Items The camera’s flash can make whites appear bluer, and the sun or some indoor light sources can cause the whites in the photos to turn yellow.
Adjusting the white balance means removing those unwanted tones and making the white color really look like that, white. This is an action that can be done during the process of editing the photographs, and can be managed with programs, software or apps, for example Lightroom or Photoshop from the Adobe Spanpseed or VSCO suite.
Some like Ligthroom can make this task develop quickly and easily so as not to see the need to add someone else to the team that can edit photographs. It is even possible that many of the platforms have the option or button to automatically correct the white balance, which also represents a great advantage to save time when adjusting the photographs.
  • Adjust the exposure
The final step to have remarkable Instagram photos is to work with the exhibition. This concept (exposure) refers to the amount of light in the photos. When a photograph is overexposed, we speak of an image where there is too much light, which eliminates some details and reduces the quality of the color and makes the image unattractive. This type of photos is a bit more difficult to adjust when editing them because some details can not be recovered.
On the other hand, when a photograph is underexposed, we are talking about a very dark image that results in a loss of colors and details in the shadows. The ideal scenario for photographs is an intermediate point between the 2 concepts mentioned. A photo with correct exposure mimics the way a scene would look in real life.

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