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How to Achieve your Business Goals

How to  Achieve your Business Goals

1. Establish a goal

Take a sheet of paper and make a list of the goals you have for your business. Enumerate them from greater to lesser importance.
Apart from Estilo Pura Vida, I have a small hotel. I made a combined list for both projects and it looked like this:
  1. Post to the blog once a week
  2. Finish the new sales campaign for my course Do what you Love
  3. Study Booking.com to improve the listings of Villa Mandarina
  4. Create a campaign to promote Villa Mandarina
  5. Investigate hotel promotion strategies
You will also have several objectives, but you are not an octopus. When you constantly change focus, you waste energy. You also complicate your life and generate unnecessary stress.
Remember that you want to be a slow and patient turtle. Take objective number 1 and focus on which laser. Do not get distracted by any other goal until you have achieved it.

2. Make your specific goal

“Publish on the blog once a week”
It is the goal that I have established and failed several times in the past.
It does not explain what I should publish, what day of the week or what time. As a result, I usually leave the matter for Sunday at 8 o’clock at night, when I decide it is impossible and I prefer to go and see Stranger Things .
But no more.
If I really want to comply, I need a more concrete goal. I will give you specific data, numbers and a deadline.
“I am going to publish a new article of 1000 words (minimum) in Estilo Pura Vida every Friday before 12pm”
This objective is clearer and gives me instructions on what to do.
Use these questions to make your initial goal more concrete:
  • Is there any ambiguous word?
  • What number or data can you add to make it more specific?
  • What will be your deadline?

3. Connect with your true motivation

Take a second paper and on the top note your super goal. At the bottom, answer the question Why do I want to achieve this?
Write down your answer and ask again why?
Repeat the process five times or until you give a reason that makes your heart vibrate .
The first time I asked the question, I got a superficial answer.
“Writing weekly is important for my blog to keep growing”
I persisted until I found my true motivation.
“The reason why I want to publish constantly, is not to get likes, promote my course or earn money. I want to share my knowledge and experience about entrepreneurship, because I know that many people can help them.
When I started my business, I needed this kind of advice and there was no one who could give it to me. I also did not find them on the Internet and it took me a lot of work to understand what I had to do to be able to have the business and the life I wanted.
Now, that I know the steps, I want to share them. I want to be an inspiration and guide for girls who are just beginning. “
Your motivation does not have to be the same as mine. Maybe you dream of giving up your job or you just want to feel good about yourself and that’s perfect.
The most important thing is that when reading the answer you feel excited to take action with your goals.

4. Choose a specific activity that you will perform every day

Think of an activity that, if done repeatedly, will take you to the goal. It must be very small and take less than 15 minutes.
If I say that I am going to write the 1000 words for my articles of a siton, it is very likely that it overwhelms me and I find good reasons to continue with the Stranger Things chapters.
A more digestible activity, would be to write a paragraph every day.
It takes less than a minute and I can use the computer, the phone, my notebook or any dirty napkin I find to meet.
If I am constant, at the end of the week I will have 7 paragraphs. I can easily put them together to form the article.
Use these questions to find the perfect activity:
  • Currently, what are the obstacles you are facing to be consistent with your goal? (Ex. I do not have time, I feel overwhelmed, I do not know how to do it, I feel discouraged)
  • What is the obstacle that is stopping you the most?
  • What small action can you take to avoid or overcome it?
  • What small action can you take to set you in motion, despite the obstacle?
Here are some examples for inspiration:

Goal: Start a jewelry design and sale business

  • Obstacle: I feel overwhelmed with the subject. I do not know how to start or who to sell my products to.
  • Examples of small steps (choose only one):
    • Make a bracelet a week and try to sell it among friends and family
    • Buy a book that talks about sales and read a page a day. Apply what was learned every Saturday.
    • Find a google tutorial on how to start a business. Apply one step per week.

Goal: Get a client for my web design service every month

  • Obstacle: I do not know how to sell and it makes me sad to do it. To whom do I offer my services? How do I do it to collect? Where do I get this client?
  • Examples of small steps (choose only one):
    • Write the details about my web design service in one document and share it with a different person each day.
    • Every day, look for a 5-minute video that explains how to sell a service and write down what I learned

Goal: Write an eBook about makeup techniques to sell on my blog

  • Obstacle: I’m not good at writing, I do not know what to put in the book, I want to have a pretty cover, it’s a very big project and I feel overwhelmed thinking about it
  • Examples of small steps (choose only one):
    • Work for 10 minutes a day on the index
    • Make a list of the steps I need to take and each day dedicate 10 minutes to advance with something
Additionally, you can review this tutorial where I explain how to take your goal and transform it into small steps of action on the calendar.

5. Become a pseudo expert

When I started to meditate I took a course where I learned that the ideal thing to do is meditate in the morning, just when you wake up and at night, before going to sleep. They also explained to me about details that I had to take into account such as wearing loose clothes, looking for a quiet place and getting a comfortable seat, so that the practice was easier.
This information helped me to organize and be consistent with the new habit.
Read two, three books or look for some tutorials on your subject. Do not waste too much time investigating. You just need to be pseudo-expert and have enough information to start. The rest of the details can be acquired with practice.

6. Prepare to perform the activity

When doing your research, take note about:
  • Accessories and materials that you will need (Ex. Certain type of clothes or footwear, paper, pencils, paints, a book, etc)
  • Tools (Ex. A computer, editing programs, a camera, a certain cell phone)
  • The cost of maintaining the activity
With your list in hand, set a deadline to get everything you need. Thus you will not have a pretext to stop you once you have started. In addition, every time you invest time and money in a goal, you commit to it and it is more difficult to give up.
I will give you an example. I studied textile design at the University. After working for 3 years and building a business where I dedicated myself to design, I decided to transition to life coaching.
I researched about schools and read some books, but it was not until I paid $ 5,000 for my coaching training that I really committed. There were some obstacles but after making the investment, I had to overcome them yes or yes.
Once you have your list and your plan to get what you need, choose a schedule to perform your micro activity.

7. Adopt the “Roadtrip” mentality and take action

Let’s take a look at what you have up to this moment:
  • A concrete goal – this is the destination of your trip.
  • A micro activity that you will perform constantly. Think of it as if it were your car.
  • A strong motivation, which serves as fuel
  • The knowledge and all the tools you need to get on track

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