Due to the change in the algorithm of 2018, the organic reach in the platform had a big drop (trend that has been maintained since 2014), so it was more complicated to appear in the users’ news feed , unless it got into pattern.
Changes in Facebook, how to act?

With the new algorithm, Facebook encourages more “meaningful interactions”, which prioritize the publications of friends, family and groups. These changes made it clear that the platform no longer prioritized business content. However, it is relevant to analyze the question of the Reach, as a metric that means very little.

The social network now uses other types of elements to analyze the publications, since they take advantage of the programming to organize the posts , according to the possibility that the user can interact positively with said publication.

On Facebook, there are many types of Reach . Organic reach means the number of unique users who see a publication and, to a greater extent, the number of people who enter a page and see a post, according to Facebook Insights .

Finally, the scope is simply a measure of how many users see a particular publication. And that can be added to what is paid or what is organic. To clarify it, it is explained as follows:

What is organic reach?

It is the number of people who have seen a publication through the distribution without a pattern. Organic Reach works in a similar way to search engine rankings, but Facebook does it based on what you see in other aspects such as reactions, the frequency of publications or the likelihood that you like a publication and more.

What is the total scope?

It is the number of people who viewed a publication, including fans and people who do not follow a page. They are data with and without advertising.

What are impressions?

Impressions refer to the number of times a publication was viewed, including multiple views of a single user. Here, the ranking is highlighted, where the interaction is likely to get higher ranking scores and appear in a feed according to the content you like.

This classification creates a “more meaningful interaction” with the user, which is the main focus of the new Facebook algorithm. In short, the publications in the News Feed are not ordered chronologically, but what Facebook believes could be more meaningful, exciting or useful to the user.
Why has Facebook’s organic reach declined?

If you have a Facebook Business page or have managed one, you may have noticed a decrease in reach and metrics, especially since last year’s changes.

Now, the algorithm has become more selective, evolving in such a way that it makes marketing professionals and business owners worry about the response of the audience. The ultimate goal of Facebook is to ensure that the content generates meaningful interactions.

Thereafter, according to a Facebook marketing report, the overall commitment of the Facebook page has been reduced by 50 percent. But, even with the previous data, it is still possible to improve the organic reach on Facebook. All that is needed is to apply the correct tactics.
Effective tips to increase Facebook’s organic reach

#one. Publish native videos

Capitalizing on one of the most attractive and easy to implement content formats, such as video, can be an advantage. Native Facebook videos achieve a higher organic reach rate compared to a linked post, or even photos. Native videos can help reach 135 percent more users.

The trick is to deliver valuable and compelling information in the first 3-5 seconds of the video to attract viewers. In addition, videos should focus on the community.

#two. Live

To improve the organic reach of Facebook, you can also use another video format: live, live or live. According to Socialbakers, up to 80 percent of brands receive a greater organic reach with Facebook Live videos on native videos.

They have a great potential to provoke conversations, they receive six times more interactions than normal videos. Users seek to interact with the videos, therefore, spend three times more time watching live broadcasts compared to videos that are not.

#3. Mix of formats

Although video can trigger organic reach, it should not be the only content format to use. Mixing the formats in the publications is essential to maintain an attractive feedand to the interested public.

The more interesting and diverse the content, the greater the possibility that your followers will share it, which will increase the reach.

Some formats to be implemented:
Images without links

# 4. Publication management

Having a management and a specific time to make a publication is essential. This can help improve the reach. For this, it has to be published according to the behavior of the audiences.

One way to find out the optimal publication time is by researching the previous performance data and start forming an interaction pattern.

#5. Goodbye to the “clicbait”

Although the use of clicbaits is “tempting”, you should avoid it. This type of practice will not help to gain more organic reach; in fact, it will do the opposite, because the publications will be degraded and hidden.

This means that when bad quality content or questionable information is published, it will call attention to the platform, and not in a good way.

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