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9 Business ideas for young entrepreneurs

9 Business ideas for young entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur, if you are young, you are just entering the labor market and you realize that it is not what you expected, you are probably thinking of generating income in another way. We know that starting a business from scratch is difficult, especially if you do not have many resources available, so today we present 9 business ideas for young entrepreneurs,

1. Online business
The advancement of technology has generated new platforms to make money, such as Internet businesses. This alternative is ideal for young people, since they handle digital tools very well.
You will not spend on transportation since you can invest from the comfort of your home. The best thing is that you do not need investment to start online. You can create a blog and earn money through the auspices, or sell products through Paypal.

2. Be a private tutor
If you do not have much capital you can start this business idea, only with your knowledge. If you are a university or technical student, you can offer your services to other students who are of lower grade, so the level of difficulty will not be very complex.
The main thing that you must work on is the methodology, since you will deal with students of different ages and you must do the personalized attention. Do not forget to make your explanations simple to increase satisfied customers and a wide network of recommendations.
3. Be freelance
If you are good at something specific you can offer your services and charge for product made. Currently, companies prefer to outsource the extra work to independent personnel so as not to oversaturate their activities and fulfill their objectives. In this business you will not have bosses, but customers. You will also have the convenience of working according to your own schedules as long as you comply with the final product.
4. Gym trainer
Young people have a lot of energy, and new generations care a lot about taking care of their physique. Undertaking from this option will not only eliminate your stress, but will also help you stay in shape. The alternatives are several, from establishing an agreement with the owner of an establishment or being a personal trainer and giving home services.

5. Supermarket delivery service
This service is very useful for people who do not have time to make the purchases of the week due to their hectic pace of work. Establish a network of contacts by phone and deliver orders following a route itinerary. Your profit is in the discount obtained for the purchase of wholesale products and the commission you charge for the delivery.
6. Weekend outings
You can organize full days to places not far from the city, where sports such as trekking. The volume of clients you will have will allow you to negotiate discounted fares for transportation. It prepares the reservation with a bank transfer and receives the rest on the day of departure. Warns that the food coverage is at the client’s expense.
7. Makeup at home
If you like beauty, to the point that you have a wide collection of cosmetics, this endeavor is for you. You can offer makeup service for celebrations such as weddings, 15 years, pre and promotion party, because people who are going to celebrate dates like these prefer to enlist at home for all the hustle involved in organizing the event on the same day. Do not forget to promote yourself on Pinterest, since this social network is popular in this audience; This platform will allow you to give visual samples of your work, since you can host the number of photos with the final result.

8. Furniture rental for events
People do not skimp on the budget when it comes to a party in which they will have to show off to their guests. The organization of a social event requires certain decorative furniture to beautify the great night. If you have enough inventory, get lighting systems, a storage place and transport vehicle.
What better way to promote yourself by handing out business cards to attendees at the events you are invited to. It will be very useful to publish photos of the furniture, and the result of your services on a website.
9. Sale of candies in universities
Healthy fast food has a high potential against food that can be found around the universities, which are generally of little benefit. Distribute from a point near a student area and take orders over the phone or online, for popular applications among young people, such as WhatsApp. Includes varied ingredients to suit your customers, because the more personalized your product, the better.
You already know young entrepreneur, choose one of these business ideas and get extra income without a lot of capital

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